living melbourneWhether you are heading to Melbourne on a career break or you simply want to live there, you know that the city is the place to be. With all the employment opportunities, the luxurious lifestyle, and the easy-to-reach facilities, it is indeed one of the greatest cities in the world.

Coming up with a list of all the must-see places in Melbourne is easy. After all, you have guidebooks and online resources helping you along the way. What is more difficult is knowing some insider information about Melbourne—how to live like a local, and how to make your life easier in the city.

Here are some life hacks you might need:

Slap on the Sunscreen; Bring Warm Clothes, Too

It might seem contradictory to bring a coat and at the same time a sunscreen, but hey—this is Melbourne. Locals love to say that their city experiences four seasons in one day, but that’s just an exaggeration. The weather is unpredictable, though: it alternates between rain and sunshine more than twenty times per day.

It’s best to never go around the city without sunscreen, sunglasses, an umbrella, and some extra layers of clothing. It may be super hot in the morning, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be super cold later in the afternoon.

Don’t Rent; Buy a Home

You may never want to leave the city, even after fifty years of living in it. Melbourne has a way of weaving itself to the heart and not letting go. So it is best to find a special place to reside permanently.

You can find lots of great properties in the city. Simply browse sites like for new housing estates and communities.

Make the Most of the Coffee Culture

There is nothing more exciting about Melbourne than the availability of great coffee in every corner of the city. The choices might even overwhelm you; some are not even your typical coffee.

Instead of the usual cappuccino and latte, try a flat white (a mix of espresso and steamed milk). If the weather is quite hot, go for iced coffee, which typically comes with ice cream and whipped cream over espresso on ice.

Do these things and you’ll surely have a happy, easy life in your new found home. The city has lots to offer, so make the most of it!

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