HouseA property that looks dim from the outside fails to stand out in terms of kerb appeal. There’s just no charm in seeing a property that appears drab. Now, there are many reasons that a home is like this, but it almost always boils down to the idea that it isn’t bright enough.

Fortunately, there are different ways to turn this around. With these suggestions, you can brighten up the exterior and improve the kerb appeal of your property.

Add Window Shutters

Shutters may be a simple addition to a property, but these have a strong impact on the overall look of a home. What’s good about shutters is that they serve as focal points of a property. When you get the colour of the shutters right, your kerb appeal will see a massive boost.

Change the Cladding

The colour of the walls outside does matter, so your old cladding may be the culprit. The experts at say that replacing the cladding will solve the problem right away. This is because new cladding has that pristine brightness and sheen that draws light to the property. In effect, this creates the impression that the property is well-lit and lively.

Install Lights

Who said brightening up the exterior works only during the day? You have to focus on the appeal of your home during the night, too. For this, you would need an excellent design strategy for lighting. Adding a few light fixtures hits two birds with one stone: it enhances the beauty and appeal of a property and improves home security.

Repaint the Roof

If your house has a dark-coloured roof, you might want to change that. This is because dark roofs provide that top-heavy feeling, which makes a property look dull and lacking in light. Design-wise, dark colours are better off at the lower portion of a home, so change up the roof’s palette to lighter tones. Besides, light-coloured roofs have quite a lot of benefits. Apart from the extra brightness it adds to your home, it also helps you save on energy costs.

These simple suggestions will go a long way to improve your property’s kerb appeal. Transform your home from dreary to lively.

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