country homePeople have different opinions about living in the city and living in the countryside. Some prefer a fast-paced routine, while others would rather have a laidback lifestyle. If you’re planning to start your own family, however, you might want to choose a home that will make everybody live at ease. Here are some reasons a country home might be right for you:

Affordable Housing

Buying or building a country home is more affordable in rural areas. In fact, you can find big houses and spacious lots for the same price as a small city apartment. Residential property sites, such as The Australian Financial Review and, and home contractors like noted that getting approved for a loan is easier and there are fewer regulations to follow. The market is less competitive than the city, as well.

Cost of Living

Daily expenses can eat up more than half of your budget, but living in the country is different. You’ll spend less on groceries and professional services, allowing you to save more for other expenses. If you’re not working from home, transportation is accessible to and from the countryside and the CBD. Travel time may seem dreadful, but you’re sure to come home to a relaxing environment.

Child Upbringing

In a country home, your children have more freedom to move around. The wide landscape serves as their playground, which helps improve their physical and mental capacities. They can learn how to develop individuality because there are fewer influences, like advertisements and peers, that can affect their decision making process. In addition, they’ll have a stronger immune system because they have less exposure to pollution and other factors that can affect their health.

If you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of the city life, why not try living in the countryside? Who knows, a country home might be the right residence for you.