low cost advertisingA common mistake among small businesses hoping to rise up in the ranks is having the mentality of using leftover resources for advertising purposes. This puts them in a bind because a lack of funding to get them enough leverage in the advertising world. Without it, a business may not have enough room to grow.

This does not imply that you should pool a good majority of your resources into adverts alone. Allocate enough to give your business the start it needs. With enough planning and precise implementation, you will grow your small business into a major force in your market.

Advertising firm route2take.co.uk lists these low-cost advertising ideas to boost start-up businesses with high end results:

Place Ads During “Off-Hours”

Focus on more affordable spots. The same holds true for billboards and unusual locations. You can reach a wider audience than you would think with these spots. You can move to primetime as you progress and business gets bigger.

Spread Out Your Ad Campaign

Instead of pooling all your resources in a single major campaign, it would be advisable to spend it on smaller ads spread out on a wider time span. This way, you get to have longer visibility and have enough time to leave a mark on the consumers.

Tap the Power of Social Media

Online presence is of vital importance in today’s world. It is the medium with the widest reach and the best part about it is it is free. In addition to gaining market prominence, you can utilise social media for faster, better customer relations thereby enhancing your image as a customer-friendly business. Remember that the less business you have coming in, the more you need to advertise.

Most start-up businesses often make the costly mistake of putting all their eggs in one basket and pooling all the little resources they have in one go. You need not spend a big portion of your start-up capital on costly advertising campaigns. With these low cost ideas, you can spread your resources and still gain great results.

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