TeamCutthroat competition is the norm for businesses across the globe, and star employees are getting harder to find—and keep. The unfortunate reality for companies is that generous paychecks is often not enough.

It doesn’t matter how large or small your company is, or what industry you’re in. If you are having trouble inspiring your people, some of them will leave and your business will not go very far for very long.

There are no magic pills or bullets when it comes to encouraging people to come and stay, but here are some timeless ideas to help in the same effort:

Use the Hawthorne Effect

The Hawthorne Effect is a basic principle of human motivation. For years, it has helped many organizations revolutionize their practice of leadership.

Always talk about possibilities and production. Be upbeat, and always shift to positivity. Simply telling the employees, “I know this is a busy time, but we can do this,” will work. Praising them, as long as it’s genuine and timely, will work wonders, too.

Hire a Motivational Speaker

As human beings, we need other people to tell us that what we do is good or not. We need someone who can actually convince us that life means more than just a 9 to 5 job. As a manager, business owner, or CEO, you probably have neither the time nor the patience to talk to your employees about motivation. Like many other corporations, try to organize monthly seminars and conferences, and then hire a motivational conference speaker to do the talking.

Practice One-to-One Management

The one-to-one management exists because of the idea that no two employees are alike.

Using one-to-one management for employee motivation involves knowing individuals and rewarding them according to their individual likes and hobbies. For instance, if an employee who loves the beach did something great for the company, let them go on vacation and maybe arrange a beach trip for them. Not only will this technique help you give them personalized rewards for motivation, but will also help you understand what you can do when an employee or an employee’s family needs extra help.

The success of any business rests in a large part of how motivated the workforce is. Try these timeless ideas today—and watch your team fly tomorrow.

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