Make Wise Decisions: Getting the Right Door

Garrage Door

Garrage DoorDoors can give your house a huge impact, as it opens to another section of the house. It can serve as a dramatic entrance to wherever, hence, choosing the right door is important in making your house or a room more aesthetically pleasing. To give you an idea of what the right door you should be installing, here is a little guide about different types of doors you can choose from:

Hinged Doors

This is the most typical type of door. The door’s attachment to the house is through to a hinge or two, or more, depending on the height of the door (a higher door needs more hinges). This type of door opens by pushing it or pulling it usually with a knob, while some have these doors to automatically close. Industry professional Gryphon Garage Doors shares that some homeowners choose panel doors for a hinged door. These kinds of hinged doors are also fairly common because they can be flexible when it comes to decorating the door.

Bi-fold Doors

When you need a door that takes up only a little space, then installing a bi-fold door is the right option for you. It is a lot similar to a hinged door; however, there is another set of hinges in the middle that “folds” the door. This way, the door opens while taking up a little space.

French Doors

This type of door is basically two hinged doors built side by side. They usually have glass panels to allow light to pass through, giving the room natural lighting.

Sliding Doors

A sliding door consists of one door, which has rollers on top and the bottom to be able to roll or slide from side to side for it to open and close a room.

Stacker Doors

These are almost the same as sliding doors, only they have more than one panel of a door that slides. They look like sliding doors one on top of another.

Tilt Doors

Garages usually have this type of door since they are usually for large spaces and they are easy to maintain. The door opens by lifting the bottom up, as the top slides back.

Roller doors

Another type of door for garages, roller doors, from the name itself, rolls up to open the room. The material is usually of a corrugated steel sheet to allow the rotation of the panel upward.

Different kinds of doors open to a different kind of room. Make sure you choose the door that suits the room best.