CraneCranes are used for lifting and moving heavy loads like freight cars that cannot normally be performed by single individuals. Singapore has strict rules and regulations regarding the operation and use of lorry cranes and lorry crane services. In line with this, if you’re thinking about hiring a company to facilitate your loading operations, Wong Fong Engineering suggests keeping a few things in mind. Of course, safety is the main priority and knowing the safety precautions in the use of this heavy machinery can mean the difference between accidents and their prevention.

Contract Hiring

If you’re thinking about lorry crane services, you have to understand the two types of agreements that can go with it. Firstly, you can hire a lorry loader itself and facilitate its use on your own. But, before you can operate it, you would need special training and license. This is different from a general driver’s license. Before you can use your hired loading crane, you are responsible in ensuring its proper use and putting into place safety systems that can prevent accidents.

Without this, another option is to do a contract lift where the owner of the lorry crane will rent out their equipment and facilitate its use. This is recommended because legal issues, in case of a disaster, are shouldered by the contractor.

Lorry Crane Operations

Before carrying out a lift, make sure that the working environment is in optimum condition. The position of the crane itself and the position of the vehicle must be chosen beforehand. The ground must be level to prevent imbalance while lifting the load. In addition, the ground where the lorry crane truck would stand must be stable enough to support the outriggers during operation.

Do not position yourself underneath the load at any time. In addition, do not allow anyone within the danger zones, including the path of the crane and its components, the path of the load and any area at risk of crush in case of lifting malfunction.

Finally, always perform a trial lift before the actual load to make sure that all systems are working.


Keep the crane arm folded properly and disengage any outriggers or stabilizers that are holding the truck in place. Secure all loose items like the hoist and the hook and, lastly, check the height of the folded crane arm before moving the vehicle.