adwords managementNegative keywords are an important part of maximising PPC campaign profits. These ensure that your ads appear only to the people searching for what you offer. It also makes sure that your campaign targets qualified users and reduces the level of unqualified traffic.

Negative keywords are the keywords within a search that prevent your ads from showing up in irrelevant queries. The use of these keywords adds a level of control, increases the click through rate (CTR)and lowers costs. Read on to learn more about negative keywords:

Benefits of Negative Keywords

Without negative keywords, your campaign can get out of hand because it matches too many search queries and consumers won’t click on your ad. It may also be impossible to increase bids to grow your campaign, as you’ll start to generate many unqualified and inappropriate clicks.

AdWords management service providers like recommend consulting SEO experts to help you choose the right keywords. Common examples of negative keywords include free, job, career, news, and cheap. The words may be specific and relate to your industry. It is important to think through the phrases before adding them as negative phrases.

Broad Matches and Negative Keywords

Broad matches are used to maximise exposure of a website without exerting too much effort. This, however, can lead to unqualified clicks and may call for a higher budget. This is because search engines determine queries related to the broad match keyword, which may not be related to your business.

By including negative keywords in broad or phrase match types, you can control traffic directed to your site and pay only for relevant clicks. Apart from filtering unwanted traffic, these keywords enable you to pursue high volume traffic without appearing in inappropriate searches. This can have a positive impact on the campaign and improve your search engine marketing efforts.

Adding negative keywords can help improve your campaign by driving traffic to your website and boosting your quality score. It is important to constantly build lists to use for new campaigns to maximise your PPC campaign.

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