Fashion is the fastest way to go back in time. If you want to go back to the 70s, you can wear those belly bottom trousers. For 80s fanatics, why not wear parachute pants? If you want to relive some 90s memories, go for a solid pair of mom jeans. There are many other ways to backtrack while moving forward in fashion, although some of them may make you wear what experts call fashion evils.

Vintage pieces, however, cannot always be time-appropriate. Fashion is dynamic; what is old can always come back, but this time, with a twist. Whether you choose to get new pieces from the mall or purchase pre-loved clothes from the thrift shop, here are some rules of vintage fashion that you should follow to prevent yourself from becoming a walking mess.

Vintage fashionDon’t Go Vintage All the Way

Some people make the mistake of wearing all the vintage items at once. Instead of giving off a glamorous and sharp appeal, you may end up looking like you’re attending a costume party as the worst dressed. Rather than going full vintage, it’s safer to wear a head-turning piece and complement it with the right accessories. For instance, men can wear an old Oxford button-down. They can partner it with a cardigan with modern prints or an anorak with a neat cut.

Do Know Your Size

The best vintage fashion finds are sometimes found in thrift stores or buy-sell-trade shops. Before you even head to these shops, be sure to know your size. These shops might not have fixed size charts or groups that you can consult, and finding your right fit will depend on luck.

Do Update

Don’t fret if you find a good piece that doesn’t fit you. You can always update it. Find a good tailor or seamstress and alter the piece into something that will fit you perfectly. Updates may also mean adding accessories and layering.

Don’t Buy Items You Can’t Repair

You may become attached to some items you see at the store that you end up buying and bringing them home even if you know they can’t be fixed anymore. Some items have stains and perforations that are impossible to rectify. Don’t get them if you can’t fix them. You will only end up spending more.

Vintage fashion will always find its way back to the modern scene. With each incarnation, there will always be a twist. Don’t forget to follow the rules to make sure that you don’t end up looking like a hot mess.

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