Heat Shrink TubingHeat shrink tubing is so commonly used for electrical wiring that we don’t pay much attention to it.  How does this material work and why is so important?  Many buildings in Perth and around the world have wiring with polyolefin heat shrink tubing. This material is irradiated and used to sheath different types of wiring for industrial and residential use. What makes it special is that it is durable and thermally stable.

Polyolefin is one of many polymers made using olefin. Others are propylene and ethylene, materials known specifically for their chemical resistance and adhesive bonding properties. Tubing is available in various widths based on the type of wiring required – wires are passed through regular tubing and then shrunk to fit the wires snugly.  Since the material is resistant to chemicals, lubricants will not compromise the material.

Major Benefits  

Quality heat shrink tubing in Perth provides a lot of practical benefits. First, tubing is good for covering up components that protrude and also irregular sized. After it is heated and shrinks, the tubing forms a tight mechanical bond. Shrinking is possible in 3 ratios: 2:1, 3:1 and 4.1.

These ratios provide effective coverage which leads to the second benefit of tubing: it protects wires and cables both from the elements and chemicals.  The tubing requires heating in the range of 70°-110°C for the 2:1 ratio, 120°C for 3:1 and for 4:1 ratio, temperatures can range between 70°- 120°C.

Some Uses 

Heat shrink tubing is used in many ways. It’s a connector for back shells and pins and it’s also used to cover all types of cables.

All of these components are used in the electronics, communications, automotive and aerospace industries to name a few.  Tubing manufacturers adhere to strict standards; they have to follow UL and CSA regulations to the letter.  There are different standards to follow if cables are used by the military.

There is no doubt that heat shrink tubing is really useful as it provides extra protection to wiring used in industrial and other applications. Look into reputable suppliers to get good quality and competitively priced products.

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