When finding a job, most extroverts are eager to find one that doesn’t feel like work. Extroverts are enthusiastic and prefer the company of other people than spending time alone. They are talkative, outgoing, and enjoy social gatherings and large group activities.

Here are the best careers suited for people with outgoing personalities:


Sales-related careers are perfect for extroverts who like constant conversation and interaction. The job includes attracting and educating customers, organising store promotions, and running the sales floor. According to Kirana.edu.au, sales positions also require negotiation and persuasion skills, as well as the ability to communicate with different personality types.

Public Relations

Outgoing people thrive well in careers in the field of public relations. Jobs in this niche will require you to interact with many different people and maintain relationships with contacts. It is important to have excellent interpersonal skills so that important people coordinate and collaborate with you. This job can be tough, but is also exciting because of parties and social gatherings.


Careers in healthcare are great for those who are sociable and charismatic. The job also requires compassion, patience, and speaking skills when explaining care and treatments to patients. Nursing courses or a certificate in aged care are great choices for landing a career that involves helping other people, which is both exciting and rewarding.


Teachers spend most of their day interacting with children of different ages. If this idea sounds exciting, then teaching may be right for you. Part of the job includes managing time effectively and being patient at all times. Education courses like diploma in early childhood education or secondary education degree are good stepping stones for a fulfilling career.

Human Resources

Jobs in human resources require plenty of interaction with employees and job applicants. The job also requires a sense of emotional intelligence for hiring decisions. Working HR gives you the chance to dabble in and coordinate with marketing or finance, too.

If you are not afraid to speak out and stand in front of a crowd, these career options are perfect for you. Your outgoing personality will give you an edge in careers that involve working with different people.

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