shop display ideasDespite the popularity of online retailing, brick-and-mortar stores still get a big share of customers looking for a more personal shopping experience. This is particularly true for businesses in the fashion industry or those running patisseries and souvenir shops. If you’re managing a physical store, you know how important appearance is, as effective product presentation can convert to a sale.

There’s more to retail display than stacking your products on a shelf or making sure the newest releases are on the frontline. Experts from S&L Storefronts and Glass believe there’s some art and psychology involved in it. Here’s what you need to do to make it more interesting.

Clutter: It’s a No-No

This is the first rule you should keep in mind. Clutter is an eyesore, and it will definitely turn your customers off. Keep the products stacked properly and focus on categorization for a more organized look.

Be “Odd”

While it’s important to keep your displays symmetrical, there will be times when you have to sacrifice evenness and favor a bit of disarray. For instance, instead of keeping your products in even numbers, display them using odd numbers. This creates intrigue from the perspective of the customers.

Share a Story

Don’t just stick to the conventional method of displaying; it will only bore you customers. Decide on a theme. It can be anything from formal or intriguing, so long as it’s relevant and season appropriate. You may change the arrangement of the shelves and the products to tell a story. For instance, arrange your books in a way that they will appear artistic.

Epitomize Your Brand

Don’t forget about branding. You can convey your brand’s message through retail display. The most common technique is making sure the brand colors are present. You may also incorporate some recurring images from your logotype or logomark.

Retail display is not just about stacking your products on the shelf. You need to see it as a way of attracting your customers and strengthening the image you want for your business.

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