The importance of playtime for dogs is similar to the role this activity plays for humans. They need physical activities to serve as an outlet for expression, and as a stress reliever. Such endeavours also give them the opportunity to exercise, move around, and meet other humans or dogs. Apart from feeding your dog, make it feel more loved by taking it for a walk or playing fetch.

Effects of the Lack of Playtime

Lack of playtime means lack of exercise. If you don’t give dogs something to do, they’ll find something on their own. Not giving them the right to exercise could lead to the following:

Swiss Shepherd Dog playing

  1. Digging multiple holes in the backyard, scratching objects, or searching the trash bin
  2. Chewing anything, from personal belongings like clothes to household items like the sofa
  3. Always seeking for attention by barking and whining
  4. Aggressive behaviour – biting, jumping on people, and knocking over anything they see
  5. High excitement level, leading to night-time activity

How to Play with Your Dog

Playtime can take place anywhere – on the street, at the backyard, or even at the beach – as long as your dogs can run freely. Playtime allows your dogs to stretch their entire body and use their high levels of energy. They’ll behave at home when they feel they had enough. It also saves your pet from anxiety, especially when it’s an only dog, because it feels that it’s part of a family.

Dedicate at least 10 to 20 minutes of playtime every day. Boredom is the number one culprit for unnecessary, destructive behaviour in dogs. If you won’t be home for the whole day, look for pet supply stores online to buy anything that they can chew like rubber balls, tug toys, and squeakers.

Dogs have needs similar to ours, and it’s your responsibility as a pet owner to promote playtime. It doesn’t hurt to spend some money on and some time with them. The dog is man’s best friend after all.

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