workplace safetyNot all business owners and workers feel excited about discussing health and safety. It seems like the topic is just part of a normal conversation that does not hold value anymore. Despite the number of workplace accidents in Australia that highlights the negative effects of preventable injuries, some people still find dealing with hazards irrelevant.

In the mining, construction, marine and industrial & large workforce industries, many workers have long faced health threats and been exposed to dangerous chemicals – some are obvious while others are barely noticeable. This is the reason occupational safety professionals are striving to help overcome common obstacles in the workplace. And, one effective way to do that is by having effective communication techniques.

Distracting and Destructive Environment: Use Posters

Poor housekeeping is one of the most common causes of accidents. Just imagine how annoying and distracting it is to see a workplace full of clutter, be it unsorted files, tools and equipment and personal things. Build a strong reputation for cleanliness by using signs and posters.

Inattention: Have a Safety Program

Sometimes, when workers are used to what they do every day, they tend to forget what’s happening in their surroundings. Believe it or not, routine tasks may hamper awareness. Some examples include getting injured by not seeing big and heavy equipment, experiencing burns from electric shock and suffering a slip or trip from obstructions.

To promote safety, be simple yet effective with visual reminders. An easy-to-follow procedure, such as the Safety Take 5 Program, is among the most recommended practices used today to help your workers become aware of the environment.

Unattended Health Problems: Use Video

In many situations, workers prefer to endure cold, fever, stress, muscle strains and minor injuries. But, as time passes by, neglected health issues may worsen. If you plan to focus on getting your workers become aware of their responsibility for their health, why not use a video? By identifying problems, you can develop solutions that can reduce the number of injuries.

Having a healthy and safe working environment depends on your commitment. The way you communicate your rules ad regulations is the key to the success of your campaign.

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