Marriage proposals are nerve-wracking scenarios for many, as nobody knows if she’ll give you the answer you want to hear. Getting that sweet “yes” could be a real-life challenge for most men, but there’s nothing to worry about if you know how to do it right. After buying a diamond engagement ring for your significant other, the next step is to plan how you’ll hand it to her:

White roses and an engagement ringTraditional

Book her favourite restaurant weeks before the proposal. Afterwards, pretend that you want to eat out and take her to dinner. Even if this approach is rather old-fashioned and common, many women still believe that candlelight dinners even in simple restaurants are romantic. Do the proposal just like in the movies – placing the engagement ring in a glass of champagne or maybe right on top of her dessert (like a slice of cake).

Kind and Gentle

If your partner is down-to-earth and does not care much for material things, then you’re in luck because all you need is to put a little effort into your proposal. Think about her favourite dish or dessert. Even if you don’t cook or bake, you can at least master one thing—so start practicing early. Invite her for dinner at home then pop the question after the meal you worked so hard for.

The Fanatic

Everybody admires someone famous. The good news is, you can take a cue from this when you plan a proposal. Whether she’s crazy about a rock band or a famous singer, you can use this to your advantage. For instance, you can impersonate her favourite artist and make a music video proposal. You’ll get her attention and make her laugh, and you’ll definitely make her appreciate the effort.

Fun and Out-Going

If she’s the happy-go-lucky type, you should prepare a proposal that will literally make her jump for joy. Take her out on a vacation, whether on a caravan trip or an overseas adventure. Let her excitement build up then pop the question during an unexpected time.

Proposals can’t go wrong if you plan and know your woman well. The ring can also be a factor when popping the question, so choose the ideal one for her.

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