When the Pros are Still Not in: Fix Your Tile Roof in Three Easy Steps

Tiled roof

Tiled roofThe ridges of tiled roofs can get damaged because of harsh weather conditions. Checking your tiled roofs from time to time to see if it needs total roof restoration. This can contribute to your house’s durability in the long run.

If you noticed that your tiled roofs are leaking, you can repair this yourself by following the guide below from permacoat.com.au:

• Prepare the Tiles – Sweep the roof and remove loose caps and chip away from the old mortar by using an angle grinder to get the stubborn pieces off the surface. To begin attaching small cut tiles, nail a75mm galvanised flathead nail in the top of the hip rafter and secure it with a bit of wire.

• Mix the Mortar – Add four parts bricklayer’s sand to one part cement and add water until the mixture has become creamy. After this, lay caps in position by marking it with chalk. Lay a sausage-shaped mortar inside the chalk line and secure starter cap with wire using a 75mm galvanised flathead nail. For a mortar makeover, mix only up to three buckets of mortar at a time and apply just enough mortar to lay two caps at a time.

• Lay the Ridge Caps – With the mortar in place, press in the starter cap, keeping the mortar 20mm thick at the highest point of the tile. Begin laying all the caps and fill the gaps with mortar. Let it sit for a few hours. When it has become dry, trowel coloured pointing compound 5mm thick over the mortar and collar of the caps. Make sure to be neat when applying flexible coloured pointing compound.

Doing these steps would require you to work from a certain height (especially if your residential house is tall), so be extra careful when repairing your tiled roof. If you’re not the type who can work at a great height, you can consult with total roof restoration services.