Heavy FurnitureTrue, moving or relocating is exciting, but it is also a major stress inducer since you have a host of to-dos that need to be ticked off your list to make certain that the relocation process goes as smoothly as possible.

Packing belongings and moving household items is one of the most crucial steps when moving and these will require majority of your effort and time. If you’re feeling like Scrooge and don’t want to spend on having professional house movers Perth do the job for you, you may want to think again—it may end up costing you more money, explains eziremovalsperth.com.au.

Back, Knee, and Shoulder Injuries

Think you can lift and move that baby grand with help from some of your friends? Back injuries may be caused by improper lifting and lifting things that your back cannot support. Unless you and your friends are packing on major muscle and built like freight trains, you may want to put that piano down and save your friends from injuring their backs.

Even then, you might want to think twice because muscle does not necessarily mean a strong back. Likewise, you may risk damage to your knees and shoulders during improper push and pull operations when moving furniture about.

Damage to Your Property

Trying to move things significantly bigger and heavier than you are may not only result to bodily harm, but also to property damage. Big items can swing, tip, and fall, and may end up damaged or broken. They can also bring damage to your floors, door frames, and other items in the way. Moreover, once the heavy items are out of your house, you would have to lift them again and get it inside the vehicle for transporting—and the vicious cycle begins again once you arrive at the new location.

Attempting to lift heavy furniture to save money will actually cost you more. Be it house repair or medical bills, you will end up shelling out more cash than if you had obtained the services of professional house movers in the first place.

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