Want to try something new that’s challenging yet thrilling? You may want to enjoy the breathtaking views of the sky with a little twist.

Here’s a list of sky adventure sports that will make your spine tingle and give you an experience of a lifetime:

Paragliding Paragliding

Experience flight in its simplest form with this recreational flying sport called paragliding. You can enjoy this activity in both single and tandem mode. It is certainly one of the most fun, thrilling and safest ways to fly even without learning it. Compared to hand gliding, paragliding is a lot easier to launch and manoeuvre.

Hot Air Balloon

Enjoy the perfect view atop with this next sky sport adventure, says industry professional Beyond Ballooning. It is no other than riding a hot air balloon. With this activity, you’ll get to soar higher and discover more scenic sights from above. In addition, since there are many budget-friendly hot air balloon deals, you’ll get to save some money and enjoy more when you try out this adventure.


Want to know how it feels like to jump out of the airplane and somewhat fly? Well, skydiving or also known as parachuting is a must-try adventure. This extreme sport is definitely the closest experience you will ever have, if you ever dream of flying and feeling the sky.

BASE Jumping

If you want something more extreme than sky diving, then why not try BASE jumping. This sport requires parachute or wingsuit and a fix structure that you can jump off to. In fact, the BASE in its name is an acronym for four types of objects that jumpers can leap from, namely as Building, Antenna towers, Spans (bridges), and Earth (which generally refers to naturally created formations like cliff). For you to successfully do it, though, you need in-depth base jumping knowledge, skills, and strong willpower.

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself now by trying these thrill-seeking adventures around Australia.