Risk assessmentAny industrial activity involves a certain level of risk—a high level of risk for that matter. That’s universally true, and yet, not all companies seem to put a premium on safety. Many would continue to use worn out PPE and faulty machines until they realise their mistake when it’s too late—the price has already been paid.

Loss of profits aside, your workers are the ultimate victims. A minor injury that slightly impairs them to perform basic functions is the least one could suffer from when accidents happen. Mundane or perilous, any task is life-threatening if hazards are poorly managed, or worse, not identified.

If you don’t see industry safety the way it should be seen, then you’re probably operating based on these foolish beliefs:

It Will Never Happen to You

What’s funny about this line of thinking is that the captain of the Titanic had this state of mind. Captain Edward John Smith felt his unsinkable ship was invincible until, of course, an iceberg proved him wrong.

It’s true until a major, irreversible incidents happens. If you’re not doing anything to assess all prevailing hazards in the environment and taking action when you identify them, then your luck hasn’t ran out yet. A mishap is bound to take place sooner or later.

Risk Assessment Is Too Complicated

On first thought, this task is so complex and time-consuming. Everything changes, however, if you use a user-friendly hazard assessment tool. The Take 5 for Safety, for example, provides a complete checklist that allows your workers to effectively assess the surroundings and make sound decisions at all times. Because the guidelines are clearly defined, even a novice worker could finish using such tool in just five minutes.

Safety Is Just Common Sense

It holds true, but not entirely spot-on. If common sense is the only requirement, anyone who’d pass a sensible man could literally do all industrial tasks with safety and efficiency. Even your most experienced worker on site still has to read the operation manual of a new machine.

Not all risks are unavoidable, but they are manageable. Put your silly views to bed first before you could actually make your industrial environment safe for everyone, including you.

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