Workplace StationDid you know that even the slightest details, like desk shapes or furniture arrangement in your workspace could affect employee productivity? If you are planning a major office makeover soon, don’t stop at imitating design ideas from the magazines. So many studies reveal how you can have a workspace that not only speaks sophistication, but also creates a conducive environment for employee productivity.

Learn from science; here’s a brief illustration of the perfect workplace:

Personalized Spaces

Allowing employees to make decisions on how to arrange a personal workspace gives them a greater sense of control. This is empowering, which helps employees be more motivated.

One study shows that employees who were able to personalize their space with photos and plants were 32% more productive than those who were not. This is why cubicles are a wiser choice than open office plans. Experts from explain that partitions help minimize distractions, reduce office noises and provide employees a sense of privacy.

Rounded Furniture and Layout

Choose rounded and curved fixtures, instead of the typical, straight-edged ones when shopping around for furniture to use in the revamped office space. Experts say that this kind of environment stimulates positive feelings. When employees are in a good mood, you can guarantee creative output and productive performance.

The round principle doesn’t only apply to furniture, though. It extends to the way you set it all up. A round layout in your office improves the sense of being part of a team. Sitting in circles stimulates a collective attitude, while sitting in straight lines creates a greater sense of individuality. If you’re aiming to strengthen teamwork, go for rounded layouts.

Pops of Color

Different colors have a way of influencing moods and productivity. For instance, the color green is usually linked to growth. Researchers say that this extends beyond the physical, and into the psychological. Shades of green improves creativity. Red, on the other hand, helps employees focus on tasks that involve attention to detail.

Add pops of color to the space. You can do something drastic like paint your walls or bring in large works of art. Or, you may simply choose to get furniture with pops of color.

This is the picture of a perfect workspace. Design your work environment with these elements and see the difference in productivity.

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