glass shower screensEverybody loves standing under a nice warm shower, but no one will be lining up to give the shower a thorough cleaning of its own. The area has a tendency to collect some nasty things. These can come in the form of soap scum, or hard water stains, and anyone who has tangled with them knows that getting rid of them is hard.

These disgusting invaders to the most private area in the house usually make their home in the nooks and crannies in between the different part of the shower screen. Moisture and almost everything else that goes with it gets trapped in most of these corners and turn into hard to clean nuisances.

Industry mainstay says some Perth glass shower screens are frameless, giving stains less real estate to cling to. There are a few ways people can get rid of soap scum. There is the common method, wherein cleaners use all-purpose bathroom cleaners to scrub down scum and mould until there is nothing left. This may be the common answer, but not necessarily the best solution.

Manufacturers design cleaners to get rid of virtually everything that can get in a bathroom, so it is strong. But, this means safety was not the priority when they were thinking of selling them. Homeowners need to take the necessary precautions in handling these chemicals.

A better solution would be to use vinegar; it’s an abrasive acid, but does not pose any kind of risk to the user. Simply dip a sponge in full strength white vinegar; coat the door and keep applying for around five minutes. The vinegar will melt through the scum, and cleaners can wash the vinegary coat away after it dries. There may be a bit of a lingering vinegar smell afterwards, but that will go away soon enough.

Cleaning things does not have to be hard nor pricey. Everything homeowners need to do the work necessary to keeping a home is readily available.

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