air ductShould I Have My Air Ducts Professionally Cleaned?

While there’s no definitive research that can actually prove that regular duct cleaning can improve your indoor air quality or reduce dust buildup in your home, there’s overwhelming evidence to support that dirty cooling and heating coils, air handling units, as well as motors can significantly lower the efficiency of your HVAC system. So should you have your ducts cleaned regularly?

Why You Should Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned Regularly

Because of the increasing concern regarding indoor air quality, it is quiet easy to convince some homeowners that regular air duct cleaning MN is really needed. However, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), unless your ducts are really, really filthy, you can choose not to have them professionally cleaned. On the other hand, if your HVAC unit and ducts are contaminated and if the following conditions are true, that you have your air ducts professionally cleaned on a regular basis:

  • If your house is being renovated—most especially if there’s significant dust buildup, removal of lead paint, and asbestos abatement—professional air duct cleaning MN is needed. Ducts must also be properly sealed when remodeling your house so that dust and other airborne debris won’t become stuck in the ductwork.
  • If a household member is suffering from an illness stemming from allergies and you have taken all possible measures to sanitize your home, you should have your air ducts cleaned to check if theyare the cause.
  • If your ducts have visible mold growth, have your HVAC unit and ducts cleaned as soon as possible.
  • If you see signs of nesting or animal infestation in your air ducts, relocate the animals and have your ducts and HVAC unit cleaned.
  • If you notice odors, pet hairs, debris, or other types of contaminants coming from your ductwork even after you’ve had your registers thoroughly cleaned, your air ducts might need professional cleaning.

If none of the above conditions are true, if your HVAC system seems to be operating as expected, and if your ductwork isn’t really filthy, it is ultimately your choice whether to have your air ducts professionally cleaned regularly or not. However, to ensure that the above won’t happen to you and for maintenance purposes, it is generally advised that you have your ducts cleaned at least once every year.

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