MarketingA picture paints a thousand words and tells a story without opening your mouth.

For many generations, marketers have been integrating pictures, paintings and other visual materials to make an impression in their advertisements. This practice continues today as many media platforms and marketing strategies rely on good and tasteful visual art.

Art is Indispensable

The repercussions of not putting relevant art are heavy if you are an advertiser. Missing on this rule may mean a bored reader, an eye strained visitor or a bouncing potential client. It could cost you your 3-second chance to make a web browser stay onyour website and lose your audience if you are pitching your story.

Sadly, for small companies, it can be a drag to have a dedicated team of visual artist or even a full-time art director to keep the company’s art requirements fulfilled. There are companies composed of artists that you can outsource. Storyboards Online, for one, houses a pool of talented artists that focuses on storyboards. Their projects have appeared in advertisements, and in online and published materials.

Stimulate with Action

Videos are a good medium for narrations and product endorsements. It utilizes the capacity of the human mind to comprehend and digest an idea in a short time. Watching the products utilized and in locomotion is more appealing than when one just stares at it as in pictures or reads it in articles.

By the way, if you are not yet sold that your long black and white block of an article needs a touch of a drawing or a photo, get this – the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than the time it takes for the brain to decode text. Images can provide the best version of the story in your online page, project or idea presentation.

Top of the line product or service, quality content and easy-to-use platform—in atight competition in the marketing world, visual content completes the equation.

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