singaporean dishesSingapore may be one of the smallest countries in Asia, but it definitely has some of the most colourful and tasteful culinary traditions. With its cosmopolitan heritage, it’s not hard to understand why the country has a lot of wonderful dishes to offer.

Food critics often say that Singapore has the best of Chinese, Malay, and Indian cuisines. Just stop by a street hawker or visit a hotel, such as Bay Hotel Singapore, and you’ll surely find what ‘fusion’ really means. If you’re in the country and you want to sample some of its well-loved dishes, you need to read through this list as a head start.


If you want to start with a savoury fare, laksa is for you. A combination of Chinese and Malay cuisine, laksa is basically a noodle soup perfect for a hearty dinner or lunch on rainy days. Perhaps, the most famous is the katong laksa, which is a concoction of rice noodles, coconut sauce and some spices. To complement it, shrimps and squid rings are added.

Char Kway Teow

For those who prefer ‘soupless’ noodles, Char Kway Teo is their right choice. Its bold flavour will surely keep you asking for another bowl. It’s quite spicy, but you can always counter the kick by adding more Chinese sausage slices. The prawns and chives are not to be missed.

Chili Crab

Chili crab is certainly for those who want more spiciness in their food. The flavour is dense and bold, always perfect with fried rice. The sauce is a combination of chili sauce and tomato sauce, which you can use to spread over your buns.

Chicken Rice

For dainty eaters, they can never go wrong with chicken rice. The rice may seem unassuming, but despite its pristine appearance, its taste will surely captivate you. The rice is cooked using the chicken stock. It perfectly goes with roast and steamed chicken.

These are only four of the best dishes you have to taste in Singapore. Runners-up include Bak Chang, Kaya toast, and pulled tea.