Snowboard BagHeading up to the slopes to snowboard? A great snowboard bag is necessary to safeguard your snowboard during your travel. And while a high-quality snowboard bag may cost a few dollars more than the usual, you’ll rest easy knowing that your valuable snowboard will not be damaged in the event of an unfortunate accident.

Erik’s Bike Shop Inc. shares some tips on how to choose the perfect snowboard bag:

When investing in your own snowboard bag, you can choose between nylon or polyester materials; make sure however that they have a 600D thread count at the least to ensure that it will hold up to the usual wear and tear.

They should also be waterproof so that you only have to clean them with a damp cloth once they show typical dirt marks during your travels. More importantly, however, waterproof snowboard bags will make sure other equipment you choose to stash in the bag won’t get wet as well. The waterproof lining will also prevent mold from colonizing your bag.

Look closely at the bag’s zippers, stitching, and straps. Make sure the straps and stitching are perfectly made with no loose ends and uneven sections. Zippers should also be very sturdy as they will be frequently used. When it comes to size, your main consideration is the size of your snowboard and whether you plan on storing other snowboarding gear in your bag or not.

To Sling or Wheel

Snowboard bags come in wheeled and non-wheeled versions. Ultimately, the main factor here is your convenience when traveling and whether you prefer wheeling your snowboard bag or simply slinging it on your shoulder. You can also choose between unpadded and padded options. An example of great snowboard bags are Burton snowboards bags known for their highly durable yet surprisingly lightweight qualities.

Since you’ve already coughed up a considerable amount of cash for your snowboard, it would be heartbreaking if it gets damaged before you even get to your snowboarding destination. The right bag will be your best friend when safeguarding your snowboard as you travel to the slopes.

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