Romantic curlsTaking too much time to get your hair done in the morning? There must be something wrong with how you style your hair. With the right style and cut, having that glamorous hair doesn’t need to be high maintenance.

Here are the top three hair trends of 2015 that don’t need hours of prepping:

Romantic Curls

The rise of the romantic curls was during the early 2000s, and it never really left. Romantic curls can give you a classy and sophisticated look, minus the long hours of using the curling iron. This style is the longer version of the vintage finger waves—it’s elegant with a dash of sexiness. The best thing about this look is you don’t need to style it every morning. Just comb the curls with your fingers, and you’ll still have those glamorous locks. Romantic curls are also perfect for formal events or date nights.

The Lob

If there’s a style that expert hairdressers in Claremont are in love with this year, it is definitely the lob. Tagged as the “hairstyle that works for everyone”, the lob is one of the biggest hair trends that you’ll see on many of today’s celebrities. The lob is simply a long bob cut that reaches the shoulder, giving it more artistic styling. This style can complement any facial shape, which is why it’s a favourite among women.

The Brazilian Blowout

Straight, neat and classic – these are the very definition of a Brazilian blowout look. A variation of the Japanese straight hair styling, the Brazilian treatment gives your locks a sleek and smooth finish. It’s like hair rebond minus the heat treatment. It’s a healthy and affordable way of keeping your locks straight and soft.

You don’t need to spend hours of blow drying or ironing your hair just to look good. Try one of these styles, and see the difference with your look.

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