construction servicesClear and efficient communication is a key ingredient in successful and safe construction projects. The industry operates using technical language and in an adversarial culture, making it essential to integrate good communication from project inception to closeout. understands how challenging it is to nurture good communication in construction worksites. The special challenges in the environment, including interactions of unfamiliar groups of people make efficient communication somewhat difficult.

Below is the basic concept of clear communication in construction.

Communication Difficulties

There are plenty of reasons communications in construction fail. The lack of understanding or a clear objective is one of the major causes of difficulties. This can lead to message uncertainty and confusion. Perception and attitude problems, including noise or lack of suitable communications media are other barriers to good communication.

These difficulties make it even more important to consider the design of communication flow in the organisation. It is important to understand the communication challenges within the industry to address them accordingly. Regularly scheduled project meetings will also help facilitate organised and cost-effective completion of the project.

Responsibility and Coordination

The site owner, designer, project manager, and general contractor are responsible for effective project communication. This should be thought-out during teamwork discussions and initial contract negotiation. Pre-construction conference can help develop communication channels for subcontractors, inspectors, and construction workers, and avoid miscommunication between projects.

Coordination about the project’s progress should be discussed regularly during scheduled meetings. It is the responsibility of the general contractor to monitor and coordinate the work of all employees to ensure compliance with the project schedule. All project parties should put in the time and effort to develop an effective system for communication and successfully implement the process.

The Issue in Construction

Communication can either strengthen a project or lead to failure. This is why it is important to ensure active participation in all parties. It is possible that a good communication system can fail without worker involvement. Conflicts should be settled beforehand to avoid disruption.

Without efficient communication, it would be impossible for companies and firms to deliver quality and outstanding work. Good communication is essential for successful achievement of goals, including performance, productivity and profitability. More significantly, this is crucial for a safe and healthy workplace.

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