Video game tournamentThe gaming industry has changed so much with the development of online streaming platforms. Electronic sports or structured multiplayer video game competitions have become so popular, they are now a career choice for some and a business opportunity for others.

They succeed because they provide entertainment through live streaming and YouTube videos. Whether you have joined this industry as a hobby or for the money, make sure that the tournament is a success by following these tips:

  • Find the Right Venue

Pick function venues in Brisbane that can support the supplies you need. That would include plenty of electronic sockets for the game consoles, reliable internet connection and enough space for tables and chairs. If you will be providing food and refreshments, coordinate with the venue manager for available options.

Look for sound-proof venues as well. Venue providers like provide soundproofed sliding dividers for corporate functions and other events. Find venues like this that accommodate your unique needs to ensure the tournament’s success.

  • Understand the Game

Have a basic understanding of the game you’re hosting. Each game has different rules and requirements.

Knowing these details help you set up the venue and get the proper supplies. This will also help you select the judges.

  • Set up an FAQ for the Event

Be ready with answers to frequently asked questions. For starters, list down what equipment to bring, the rules of the tournament and other game-related information.

  • Hire Top Announcers

There are several well-known game announcers in the industry. Depending on the budget and the size of the event, it may be worth hiring an in-demand announcer to give your event the visibility it needs.

  • Register Participants Beforehand

Knowing the list of players early can help in promoting the event and attracting other participants and fans. Getting a proper estimate of attendees can also help in picking the venue.

  • Find Partners

Invite a few vendors, hardware partners and sponsors. Support can come in the form of cash incentive, promotion and visibility or live streaming coverage. Hosting gaming tournaments is a new niche that offers great opportunities. Hosting one can be challenging, but following these tips can make the job less stressful.

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