Granny Flat in North FremantleIf you plan to put up a granny flat in your yard, you should consider adding eco-friendly features that can reduce your overall utility bills. Your family and your home value will benefit from these add-ons. discusses three of the cost-effective and practical green roof upgrades:

Solar Panels and Generator

One way of reducing your household’s electrical consumption is to install alternative ways of generating power. Enough solar cells attached to the roof of your granny home can provide power, not just for the flat itself, but also for majority of your entire home’s appliances and light fixtures. Install energy-efficient appliances and HVAC systems, so you can maximise the power you can collect from your solar panel setup.

“Daylighting” Options

Have the builders install solar reflective tubes into your granny flat to reduce your utility bills. These add-ons can turn natural sunlight into non-electric light sources that you can use during the day. It not only helps trim down green house effect due to reduced electrical use, but also provides the residents of your new granny flat a daily dose of healthy sunlight without going out of the house.

Rainwater Collection System – This works well for metal roofs with metal gutters and downspouts. For the simplest version of this system, add a water barrel to each downspout of your new flat. You can use the collected rainwater for gardening, yard cleaning, and car washing. If you can manage a more sophisticated system, which would usually include a rainwater tank or reservoir, do so. You can even add this feature to the main house without doing too many renovations.

As renovations on your main home can be a bit taxing to your household’s routine and comfort, it’s best to include these roof upgrades into your granny flat’s blueprints before you even start building. Contact builders that have experience in green and sustainable designs for your construction needs. The extra effort and price to turn your extension’s roof “green” will eventually result in savings and comfort.

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