ceramic water filtersA huge percentage of households across Australia have discovered that they are spending too much money on electricity and water. As reports show, the costs for water and electricity bills have tripled over the last couple of years. One small change in the household can help prevent too much spending, though.

Here are three items that will help you cut your bill in half while providing convenience in your home:

1) Steam irons

Steam irons are inexpensive, widely available and are easy to use. Unlike the common flat iron, steam irons use water at very high temperatures to smoothen out wrinkles in record time. Your usual ironing that takes about a couple of hours to do can be done within an hour. The steam iron also comes with energy efficient features, which makes it a practical item for your household activities.

2) Ceramic water filters

Ceramic water filters are the unspoken ace players when it comes to maintaining tap water clean. As CleanandClearWater.com.au highlights, ceramic water filters have many benefits. These are inexpensive and easy to install and clean. The best part is these help you conserve water, as the filters will thoroughly clean your supply. These also require low maintenance – with some providers offering free cleaning services. Most filters come with durable parts, so you don’t need to worry about replacing them any time soon.

3) Ceramic tiles

The floor doesn’t need electricity, does it? But, think about it: How much money do you spend on using your electric polishers, floor cleaners and other cleaning products? Ceramic tiles are not only easy to install, they are also easy to clean. These low maintenance tiles make a practical addition to your home.

See which of these household items are best for your household and try them for yourself. You will be surprised at how amazing these will work out for you – and how much you can save on your household bills.

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