window filmIn Australia, corporate buildings, commercial establishments, and homes use top-of-the-line window safety films. Not only does the material serve a decorative purpose, it also protects the property and its occupants. Films also aid in cutting down energy costs by controlling the amount of heat and light that gets into the room.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of using window privacy films.

Shielding Windows from the Sun’s Heat

You probably already know that window films make indoor areas cooler and reduce the blinding glare of sunlight on white surfaces. Do you know, though, about the exact mechanism by which this effect is produced? It’s simple; the films contain compounds with highly reflective properties that keep the light and heat from passing through. Some films have the ability to completely prevent entry of visible light. Others also deflect infrared and ultraviolet radiation.

Boosting the Integrity of Windows

Tinted window films reduce the heat and glare from the sun, but one of the reasons you should invest in these sheets is to prevent damage to person and property when the glass shatters. Window privacy films, such as those from, improve the integrity of the glass and boost its capacity to protect the building and its occupants from unauthorised entry.

Installing the Film

Window film may be applied on any glass surface as long as it is flat and even. Some application solutions take time to dry completely, and so you will see visual defects such as streaks or bubbles. This is normal, and does not compromise the film in any way. They will disappear eventually and you only have to wait a few hours if the film is installed on hot summer days.

The surface is easy to clean. The cleaning process is no different from that of a typical glass surface, and only requires a paper towel, clean cloth or a synthetic sponge. Check out a few products and learn more about the existing variations.

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