Eco-friendly HomeTimber flooring and wooden cabinets are a common combination for homes that utilise wood as a key design theme. Wooden floors plus wooden cabinets and wooden kitchen counters are also becoming a familiar household sight. Thanks to the latest developments in wood manufacturing, these materials become more viable for utilitarian rooms like kitchen and bathrooms.

There are ways to maximise timber flooring. In Perth, WA, there is one such example.

Framing with Timber

When you have timber for panels and framing for a modern home in a suburb, in addition to wood flooring and all, wouldn’t that look rather odd? That is until architect couples Mark Pellant and Abi Torrs pushed through with a more sustainable design for their home in Austria using contemporary but eco- friendly materials like timber.

From glass door and window framing, from voids for doors and window to the overhang roof fitted with timber louvre and routes for electric cabling, the use of cross-laminated timber panels at the couple’s homes is nothing but refreshing. There is, however, more important aim with the use of wooden panels at the couple’s home than its fresh look. The ultimate goal is to build a low-energy sustainable home design, and that is possible with integrating wooden panels in ways never have been used before.

Easy Installation

It helps that the timber panels are versatile. It is fast to build, too, as the spruce is already cut into sheets, which only requires the carpenters to screw them on site. The wood is glued with solvent-free adhesive under high pressure to prevent it from expanding or shrinking over time. It also locks carbon.


The couple added insulation to the outside of the panels – either rendered or clad while internal boards are plaster-boarded – to create a U-value and airtightness levels that are better than existing Building Regulations Standards. For a home design that is like no other else’s, the outcome for using cross-laminated timber panels for the skeleton of the house is quite impressive. The structure employs structural engineers as well, who backed up the feasibility of the design.

This self-built home shows how timber can be optimised – from flooring to framing – for a durable, sustainable and unique design. As such, it makes a perfect example for homeowners in Perth who are considering the same design but have no idea until now.

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