Tips for Buying Suitable Modular Homes for Sale

Modular Homes for SaleSetting up modular homes has become a popular trend in the building industry as they present viable and often cheaper options than the conventional on-site structures. Note that modular homes don't confine homeowners to particular designs. On the contrary, they allow them to adopt any style that would be applicable for on-site buildings. And any homeowner would want to avoid the hassles that come with building an on-site home from scratch. As such, 

So if you're on the lookout for stylish modular homes, Manor Homes offers some tips to help you pick the best.


There are plenty modular homes in the market, each set up in different styles and features – not to mention the number of manufacturers promising high-quality modular homes. While such information is useful, it is important to conduct research about the best manufacturers of modular homes, the floor plan adopted the price of the home, and any upgrade features included. Experienced contractors in modular home construction may guide you in selecting a good manufacturer.


Most local zoning codes allow placement of modular homes thus homeowners have the freedom of living wherever they would like. However, be sure to own your property. This way, you can land a cheaper financing option.

Additional Features

Despite the different styles and models modular homes for sale present, it is important to buy one with features that increase durability and allow cost-efficient living. One such feature is a shingled roof; flat roofs only make the walls of a home wear out faster. Additionally, check the quality of plumbing fixtures; if they are standard fixtures request for add-ons like shut-off valves for every faucet.


Most modular homes can withstand winds (with 175mph), but it is important to verify if fasteners and anchoring devices that help homes endure the strongest winds have been installed.

Finally, if you are worried that a modular home property value does not appreciate like a home built on-site, you shouldn't; modular homes appraise like other kinds of home property.