old carWhen it’s time to upgrade your car, there are numerous things you can do with the old one. You can donate it to a charity who may need the car itself or the money from the sale, or you can sell it yourself. Finding a dealer can help you find a buyer willing to pay a fair amount, but you will have to take a cut.

Depending on the state of your car, you can make the necessary repairs and sell it for a decent price with auto dealers. When you pay for your old car to look halfway decent, you might just break even during the sale. To sell your car without spending on it, you can sell it to Honda wreckers Perth car owners highly recommend; they will strip your car for parts.

Find a mechanic who will strip your car and categorise everything between what you can sell and what you can sell as scrap. You can end up selling each bolt and cog of your car for a price if you find a good mechanic.

Sell each piece in salvage lots or, if you are familiar with the car parts industry, you can sell each item online. There are car collectors, hobbyists, and enthusiasts always scouring the internet for good deals on car parts. Make sure you negotiate for fair prices. Set a price range for each part and be flexible.

When selling your car, it’s important to manage your expectations. You will not be receiving a profit from your original purchase. In fact, you will sell it with a significant markdown. Cars are notorious for their plummeting values as soon as you drive off the lot. What you can ensure for yourself as a car owner, is fetching the best price available considering the age and state of your old car.

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