parkingA German airport has introduced robot valets that use a forklift system to make it easy to park a car at desired location.

New generation of robots

Dusseldorf airport has recently started using this technology where travelers can drop their vehicle at the arrival level of the ParkingPLUS structure.

After confirming it’s empty, the valet robot, named “Ray,” takes the car and parks it.

“Our product is especially appealing to business travelers, who arrive at the airport shortly before the flight, seek efficient parking, and return within a few days,” Thomas Schnalke, the airport’s managing director, said in a statement.

Self-driving forklift

Robot valets are in sync with the airport’s flight data system and knows when the customer will return.

The forklift-like machine, according to the airport, can carry any standard car weighing up to 3.31 tons.

This service costs about $40 a day and can be booked using a smartphone app. It targets busy business travelers, but is available to anyone.

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