WaterDo you have a water fountain in your yard, or somewhere in the house? Maybe you put it up to attract good luck and prosperity, but there are other reasons to have water features in the premises. They don’t just give you luck and a beautiful landscape; they also give you better health.

Health buffs and companies like Greenside Landscaping can attest to this. Here’s how water features can liven up your health and landscape.

They Keep Flu at Bay

Having a water fountain in your house helps moisturize the air. Recent research shows that dry air may cause flu outbreaks, so staving them off means you have to keep air moist.

Heating and cooling units cause air to dry out. Mucus membranes in your lungs also get dry as a result, and you become more susceptible to allergies and viruses. Putting up an indoor fountain counters that effect, making the condition more suitable for your health.

They Serve as a Sound Barrier

A noisy environment can rattle your nerves and cause difficulty in sleeping. The sound of cascading water is not only soothing; it drowns out other noises, letting you sleep better. It doesn’t distract you, so you’ll feel restful. You won’t even notice that the television’s volume was too loud the night before.

They Generate Negative Ions

Water generates negative ions, a natural air purifier. The ions eliminate allergens, dust, and fumes, cleaning the air in the process. In addition to letting you breathe better, they also boost your mood. Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen in the brain, increasing mental energy and alertness.

They also reduce drowsiness, so they leave you feeling energetic throughout the day. The cooling effect of water to the surrounding environment lets you feel comfortable and relaxed. How’s that for livening you up?

How they enhance the appearance of your backyard, room, and garden is already obvious. How they improve your health may be less so, but it’s precisely why having them around is a great idea. Adding water features to your home is a sure way to liven things up in more ways than one.