medical negligence claimsFiling for a medical negligence claim is a huge financial risk. Imagine trying to get compensated because of the inadequate care given to you by your medical practitioner, but if you lose the case, instead of getting the money you deserve, you would be even required by the court to pay for the costs of the defence. Even if you are right in principle, what matters in the legal battle is to prove whose side is believable; being the real victim does not guarantee you will win the case.

That is why you have to find sufficient financing and be ready for all the expenses you might end up shouldering in case your claim backfires on you. The medical negligence compensation solicitors at stated, “If you suffered due to negligent medical treatment or treatment failure that led to damage to your health, the claim should be brought within three years of the negligent treatment or omission.”

There are three sound strategies to minimise your financial risks:

See Your Chances of Winning

Knowing the odds of you winning the case is a sound decision before making your claim application official. Lawyers in this area of practice could foresee the most likely outcomes of your case, thus predicting your success percentage and the possible fees involved. A good case is an 80% chance of winning.

Have a Conditional Fee Agreement

As someone who is weighing the financial implications of potentially losing a legal case, a no win no fee agreement can be a huge help. Simply put, if you do not win the case, you do not pay the fees of your solicitor. The terms, however, of a conditional fee agreement can be complex because of the different scenarios that might turn out. Be sure to have your lawyer explain it to you in detail and in an understandable language.

Maximise Your Funding Options

Your Home Contents Insurance may pay for the legal expenses of your medical negligence claim, but double-check if your policy covers it. In addition, your membership with a Trade Union or a Benevolent Fund could give you additional muscle to support your claim application financially.

Filing a medical negligence claim could earn you a handsome compensation or burden you significantly. Take note of the all possible financial implications of this legal process immediately.