Property ValuerProperty valuation is one of the most sought after services by real estate investors and homeowners who plan to sell a home. One of the main reasons you should hire a property valuer is because they have the skills and experience to determine the true value of your home. This in turn ensures that you sell the property at the right price to prospective buyers.

Here are some of the aspects that property valuers in Brisbane consider, according to


This is one of the main factors that home buyers consider when looking for properties to buy. A good house that is located in an ideal place can get 50% of its true value due to its location. Some of the strategic location factors that are considered include proximity to social amenities, roads, freeways, train tracks and many more.

Condition of your Home Accessories

Before listing your home for sale, ensure that its accessories are in a good condition. For instance, if your HVAC is out-dated and not fully functional, your home will get lower valuation as compared to homes that are fully furnished with modern accessories. Bottom line, having out-dated items in your home can affect the total value of your property by up to 10% or more.


This is another major factor that investors consider when scouting for homes. Homes that have a fenced backyard fetch a higher price in the market than those that don’t have one. Fences do not only help to enhance privacy but also keep pets and kids safe when playing outdoors.


Homes that are secured with modern security systems such as alarms, surveillance cameras and motion detectors get a high valuation than those with few or no security systems in place.

These are the four main factors that property valuers consider when assessing properties. The final figure that you will get from the valuers will help you know if selling the property is a viable idea.

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