seo servicesThere’s no such thing as a chain of command, because a chain is a straight line that means it has to end somewhere. People know that this isn’t an accurate reflection of the business world, because even the highest officer in a company answers to somebody else. In the case of many service providers, the real “boss” is the client, and they’re the most demanding superiors anyone can have.

The Importance of Clear Reporting

The SEO industry is no exception, and some would even say that they have it a bit harder than everyone else. This is because they have to explain their results to their clients while they show it. For example, if an SEO company presents their client with a series of white label SEO solutions, they have to ensure that the people on the other end of the table know exactly what’s going on.

Companies usually have one shot to earn their client’s trust when reporting results. If the company can make a client understand what’s going on with their campaigns in a few pages, it’ll be difficult to shake their faith going forward. This is why the formulation of reports that anyone can understand is one of the most important phases of interacting with a client. But how does an SEO company create such a report?

Directing Attention

One of the biggest obstacles that stops a client from understanding a report is when they don’t know what exactly they should be looking for—or at. The first thing a company can do for their clients is highlighting the most important aspects that tell the most accurate story regarding their website’s health.

Once that’s out of the way, companies can actually get down to the details of the report, but they should also remember not to get too into enthusiastic about them. SEO is a data driven industry, which means numbers—numbers that clients will have a hard time reading. Learn to strike a balance between data and explanation, and again, direct the client’s attention to the parts of the report that matter the most.

Crafting a report isn’t always easy; in fact, it has to be near perfect to satisfy a client’s questions. But knowing how to make a report easier for a client to understand will allow a company a fighting chance to hit the right marks more often.

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