A Woman with Double Chin in MichiganFor decades folks have struggled to rid of double chin fat. In fact, most of them have been performing liposuction a rather invasive surgical procedure. Thanks to the development Kybella fat dissolver, folks can now reduce submental fullness in a matter of weeks. Kybella fat dissolver whose generic name is deoxycholic acid is a non-surgical injection for the chin and the neck that works by destroying fat cells under the chin. So far, there’s a lot of excitement and misconceptions about this new treatment, thus the need to get a few facts straight.

Who is eligible for Kybella treatment?

Anyone who feels a little fat developing under the chin, noticeable when the chin begins to tilt downwards is a good candidate for Kybella treatment. But, people with mild submental fat often get the best results as the number of injections is more reasonable (usually three). Folks with severe submental fat conditions like those suffering from obesity, however, may get 1-6 injection sessions.

Does the treatment replace liposuction?

Accents Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa says Kybella fat dissolver treatment replaces liposuction to a great extent. It is because it is a non-invasive surgical procedure with a shorter recovery period.

How it works

The main ingredient of Kybella fat dissolver is deoxycholic acid that melts the adipocytes (fat cells) around the chin area. As such, the submental fat reduces, and the skin layer tightens to the muscles underneath creating a more impressive look. If you are worried that the double chin will re-appear after some time you don’t have to, study shows that Kybella fat dissolver delivers permanent clinical results.

How long is the treatment?

For excellent results, doctors recommend six treatments that are one or two months apart. Severe submental fullness cases, however, may require more sessions thus the need to consult with your doctor to determine the ideal number of sessions. Most patients experience visible contouring of their chins a month or two after the first and second treatment but may attend all sessions for quality results. Each treatment lasts for fifteen to twenty minutes at most where the doctor administers up to fifty injections around and beneath the chin.


After the procedure, most patients experience swelling, redness, numbness and minor bruising which are all normal sensations caused by the action of the acid on the fat cells.

These few facts should shed light on what to expect before and after a Kybella fat dissolver treatment.

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