Kinetic typographyAnimated typography, better known in post-production circles as kinetic type or moving text, is a popular animation technique. Given its many uses and how effective it is, it’s not that difficult to see why editors and post-prod specialists use it so frequently. It is visually pleasing and can deliver loads of information in a matter seconds; if video content can kill two birds with one stone, then moving typography is a giant rolling boulder.

Post-production specialists involved in videography benefit from the integration of kinetic type into any body of work. If you are new to the industry or are still exploring the ins and outs of it all, it’s important to learn how moving text works as early as possible. Here are some of the other reasons to use moving text on your next project:

Kinetic Text Drives Home the Point

Animated typography is best if your goal is to drive a point home. Statements animated stylistically make a bigger impact and leave a lasting impression on all viewers. Plus, it creates interest and prompts the audience to take action and learn more about the subject of your video project. This is evident in the use of animated text for the opening credits of things like feature films and documentaries.

Various Typography Templates are Available

There are lots of great examples of moving texts today. If you want a reference for your project or would like to know more about what qualifies as great kinetic typography, you can use various Apple Motion templates available online as inspiration. The material available covers a wide range of designs, and it’s more than likely that you will find something suited for whatever project you are working on.

Moving Text Gives New Life to Old Content

You can breathe new life to old content using kinetic type. This can pique viewer interest in previous content or present different perspectives on a single subject. This is ideal if you are making videos for rebranding or re-launching past campaigns.

Videos give viewers a multisensory experience. With animated typography, you can make the experience more immersive and informative. There is an abundance of material for video projects online; make full use of it to expand your skill sets and diversify your portfolio.

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