Where Do Broken Hearts Go? One Day in the Life of a Bachelor

Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Ultimate Bachelor PadBeing a husband and dad is one of the life goals of most men. But this stage in your life has its proper time. In the meantime, you can enjoy being a bachelor – a life full of freedom, lady friends, and money. With relatively no other obligations but to themselves, how do single men do in life?

Despite all the dating, nights out, and other activities, bachelors understandably have more money than married men. It’s a reason they have the means to afford a luxurious life. They need to feed only one mouth; no cans of milk, children’s clothes, tuition fees, jewellery or signature dresses and shoes.

The Bachelor Pad

A survey shows that most bachelors either live in a luxury apartment or a single storey house. These types of residence, as mentioned in VisionOneHomes.com.au, can be the dream home that they can enjoy for life. This is practical for them since they frequently go out and no other people live in there but them.

Moreover, most men aren’t that picky with furniture. As long as they have a comfortable bed, a table and chairs, a couch, and the basics, that’ll be enough. The space available is just appropriate for their lifestyle.

Fashionable in Every Sense

As they spend most of their time mingling with friends and strangers, bachelors don’t cut corners when it comes to their fashion. Married men are mostly satisfied with a handful of shirts and pants, while bachelors are ready to spend hundreds of dollars on clothes, shoes, perfume, and personal care.

Freedom to Party

Bachelors rarely go straight home after work. While married men usually hang out on the weekends in broad daylight for their friend’s barbecue, bachelors wouldn’t call it a night without entering at least three bars. Plus, they don’t need to ask for permission from someone or follow a curfew. They party all night if that’s what makes them happy. Moreover, weekly road trips and vacations are much more possible.

Living life as a bachelor is more of a personal preference. While their lifestyle depicts arrogance and selfishness for some, they just can’t stay long in romantic relationships yet. Some bachelors probably had their hearts broken that they search on for the right partner. These broken hearts, after all, have nowhere to go.