Which Makes Better Fencing Material, Aluminum or Steel?


Fence Perimeter fences are an excellent way to keep intruders out of your property, as well as add an entirely new design element to your home. While open frontages and backyards project a very peaceful and serene neighbourhood, sometimes you do have to recognise that there are other potential dangers aside from individuals with a malicious intent.

Choosing the right fencing material should not be that much of a problem. However, among the many different kinds of fencing materials commonly used today, nothing can come close to the functionality of galvanised steel and aluminium.

However, choosing between the two will almost always boil down to personal preferences.

Galvanised Steel Fences

Galvanised steel fences are fencing materials that are made of steel that has been tempered with a zinc layer for protection against corrosion and oxidation (rusting). Galvanised steel fences provide the strength and durability that you may require especially if you live in an area of extreme weather conditions. Because of their durability, many companies provide lifetime warranties for these types of fences.

However, durable as they are, galvanised steel fences will be more expensive than aluminium, both in purchase and installation. Sometimes, even with the zinc protective coating, it is still prone to rusting. Installation will also require more work as it is generally heavy.

Aluminium Fences

Like galvanised steel fences, aluminium fences offer durability and strength at a significantly lighter construction and cheaper cost of purchasing and installation. Another added advantage will be its resistance to corrosion as well as ease of installation, repair and maintenance.

However, compared to galvanised steel sheets, aluminium balustrading can readily buckle under pressure especially the cheaper, low-quality ones. And since it is relatively lighter, thinner and less dense than steel, it is more prone to dents and scratches.

Choosing Between the Two

Choosing between galvanised steel fencing and aluminium balustrading or fencing in Perth will be dependent on the price point as well as your willingness to perform the installation itself.

Regardless of what you will be eventually choosing, the most important thing is the security and aesthetic value the fence will provide.